Be  ye  followers  of  me,  even  as  I  also  am  of  Christ.  
 1  Corinthians  11:1 (NKJV)

Dale G. Hudson

Co-founder, President, Minister

Dale is a dynamic teacher who delivers the message of Christ in a truthful and relevant manner and has been impacting lives for years. His gift for painting pictures with words and causing messages to vividly unfold is always evident as he speaks. Now in his 45th year of preaching and teaching the gospel, Dale yet has a great passion and love for God and His Word.

When Dale was just 15 years old, he began preaching in his father's church. In the early 1980's, he was ordained a minister of the gospel. While simultaneously completing 33 years of employment with a Fortune 100 Company, Dale taught the Word of God upon every opportunity.  Over the years, Dale has served different ministries in such positions as Elder, Pulpit Chairman, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Praise & Worship Team Member and Sunday School Teacher.

Sandra A. Hudson

Co-founder, VP/Executive Director, Bible Teacher

Dale's wife of over 29 years, best friend, and Bible study partner, Sandra A. Hudson, also has a great love for God and His Word.  She completed Bible courses at Beulah Heights Bible College (Atlanta) and Oral Roberts University (Tulsa).  She is a graduate of Northeastern State University (UCT) where she earned her B.B.A degree in Marketing.

Sandra previously served faithfully at various ministries as a Sunday School Teacher, Young Adult Ministry Leader and as an ordained Elder.  Currently, as Vice President and Executive Director of Covenant Word Ministries, she manages the day-to-day operations and scheduling for the ministry.  Sandra is an author, Bible teacher, and speaker as well.


Philip  Barkins,  III


Madeline  Barkins


Terralyn  Roach


Anthony  Roach

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