How it all started...

Dale, a preacher's kid, was saved at an early age. Initially, his sister read bible stories to him, but his love for the Word spurred him to pick up the Bible for himself.  He began preaching the Word of God in his father's church when he was 15 years old.

Sandra , after attending a neighborhood bible study, accepted the Lord as savior at the age of seven. Her bible study teacher, Mrs. Bradley, signed her up for correspondence bible courses, which  she  anxiously awaited each lesson to complete and return.  As this went on for years, Sandra received several certificates  and her affection for the Word of God continually increased.

Their paths crossed when Dale was accepted to Memphis State University, where Sandra was also enrolled.  Then, they finally met  when they attended the same church, and sang in the same young adult choir.

Both sensed  their lives somehow were destined to include something related to the Word of God as they could not get away from it, even though both chose secular  majors in college and jobs to advance their careers and support themselves. Nevertheless, their true love was for the Word of God.  

Preaching & Teaching...

In the 1980's, while attending college at Memphis State University, Dale served and was licensed to preach under the late Bishop G. E. Patterson. For decades following, Dale served various ministries and taught the Word of God in an insightful and inspiring way. His love for the Word of God grew steadily throughout  the years.  

After completing his studies and receiving a certificate from Lakewood Bible Institute in Houston and formal ordination in the Church of God in Christ, Dale went on to study in Tulsa, OK, where he completed several bible courses. During that time, he rekindled his friendship with Sandra and later married while they  were both students at Oral Roberts University (ORU).

In the year 2000, Dale accepted a job transfer to return to Houston, TX, but this time with his wife, Sandra A. Hudson, by his side. Together they attended the Institute of Hebraic Christian Studies in an effort to further their biblical studies and gain a greater knowledge of the Hebraic roots of Christianity.  Also, for a time they were members of Lakewood Church and later New Light Christian Center, where again they took advantage of the Bible training offered.

Expanding the Vision...

As time permitted, Dale accepted speaking engagements throughout the US while simultaneously completing 33 years employment with a Fortune 100 Company. In 2010, his wife, Sandra, while working  as a  senior consultant for a global immigration company, felt the leading of the Lord to start Covenant Word Ministries, incorporate and lay the groundwork prior to the two of them transitioning into full-time ministry.

Upon incorporating as a nonprofit organization, the ministry successfully acquired its IRS 501(c)3 designation as a charitable ministry, with a focus on teaching the good news of the gospel to men and women all over the world, while building a sure foundation based on God's Word, Eternal Covenant, and Kingdom.

Covenant Word Ministries is a ministry born from the call of God to effectively teach, so that those reached may become (and eventually help make) disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Fulfilling the Call...

After relocating to the Memphis Tri-state area in 2016, Dale and Sandra answered the call when their family and friends asked them to lead them in bible study and worship. Conducting weekly bible study classes in their home, they were able to closely disciple a group of people who were hungry for a more in-depth study of  the Word of God.

Teaching, Training, Building and Equipping! Helping Believers develop "True Confidence" in God! That's exactly what they were doing. Then, beginning in 2018, the class transitioned to meeting at the M.R. Davis Southaven Public Library where they utilized meeting rooms and other resources.

The Word and the fellowship was awesome. Lives were being changed, marriages saved, bodies healed, finances were increasing and they were growing deeper in the Word of God. Testimony after testimony came in of how people had received, applied the Word and experienced breakthrough. The Word of God was manifesting in their lives because they received insight, agreed with what they heard and put it into action.  Now that's real FAITH!


Adapting to Change!

In February of 2020, early one morning as Sandra was walking through their house, she heard within her "online bible study and podcast." She felt impressed of the Lord to quickly make the necessary preparations to teach classes online. This was new for the ministry.

Sandra researched and purchased the necessary recording equipment. Then, the unthinkable happened. At the time, she and Dale had not foreseen that by March, 2020, COVID-19 would force a total global shutdown where churches and ministries were not allowed to meet in person.

Moving On...

Stepping Forward!

Dale and Sandra were once again conducting weekly bible study classes in their home; however, this time, the ministry grew to include weekly online media via YouTube and the ministry's website.  Though it was a quick transition that required a bit of a learning curve,  this made the anointed teaching accessible to possible millions.

A Sudden Transition...

Their next goal: Dale and Sandra expected to teach the Word of God together for the next twenty years, at least. They were gearing up, making plans, and moving forward.  However, things didn't work out that way.

One night in July, 2022, after having made a cup of tea and taken it to his wife, (where she was working at her desk in her office), then back at his desk upstairs, while working on a message for the upcoming Sunday service regarding the righteousness of God,  as Dale was in the middle of writing a sentence about declaring the Word of God, he suddenly passed away.  Dale was doing what he loved most: studying the word, mining for the deep hidden truths in an effort to know God better and,  ultimately, make Him known.

Just minutes before Dale departed this life, Sandra felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to go tell him thank you for making such a a good cup of tea.  You see, she's not much of a tea drinker.  However, that time, it was noticeably good. So she went in, told him how good it was and affectionately thanked him. Those were the last words they had together.

Sandra prayed, called for and worked to revive Dale, but he didn't return.  Later, after much prayer concerning the matter, a minister whom they had known and respected for years shared with Sandra that the Lord said, "I didn't take Dale; I received him." Now she rejoices that Dale is forever with the One whom he loves so well.

 "Praising God, till we meet again!"

Where We're Headed...


First, we're moving on, advancing, yes, pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 

Sandra has stepped into the role of teaching and training after accepting the position of President. This was not so difficult as she views it as an outward expression of the inward work that the Holy Spirit does in the personal time she spends with Him.  

For years now, Sandra's personal motto has been that she "gets it (the Word) to live it." She spends time in the Word of God to know the Lord better and develop her relationship with Him. When she teaches, she just shares from the overflow.  So, ministry is simply sharing with others what she has received directly from our Father God, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.

       "We are endeavoring wholeheartedly to
follow the Lord wherever He may lead."

Next, we're focusing on obeying the prophetic Word of the Lord 
that Sandra received a few years ago,  
which was "to write."
What can I do? That was the question Sandra posed to the Lord concerning His will for her life. What she heard was, "You can write."  Having kind of shrugged it off, Sandra was quite astonished when the Lord had a minister  prophecy to her. She had never met him before and, frankly, wasn't looking for a word concerning the matter.  After an evening service, the Pastor stood before the entire congregation and when he began to speak,  he said, "The Lord said you are to write!"  Sandra wondered who he was talking to.  Then he said, "I'm talking to you," and looked at her. Now, that got her attention. Sandra began writing soon after so as  to obey the Word of the Lord. Her next challenge was and is publishing. Pray!

Sandra is now revising and expanding their first book, Access with Confidence: Remembering the Blood of the New Covenant!   The anticipated release date  understandably was pushed back to allow her time for grieving and healing after Dale's sudden departure.

Teaching! Training & Equipping!

As well, the ministry is  creating  training materials that accurately convey the Word of God and  clearly depict and reveal  the  true character and nature of God, all the while helping students of the Word move on to maturity in Christ.

Influencing Influencers!

Presently, we are laying the groundwork for a future Bible school.

Preparing Ministers & Leaders

Additionally, we are establishing a  formal ordination process for those choosing to accept and live out the call and ministry mandate they have received from God.

Future Plans...

  Finally, further down the road our goal is to add radio and television and expand to include international outreach .  

Be a part of our story...

Join Us every Sunday as we gather online to worship and study the Word of God together at 1:00 pm CT.
Pray for Us, too, that God will open a door [of opportunity] to us for the word, to proclaim the mystery of Christ..."  Colossians 4:2-4 (AMP) 
And Give to Support the ongoing work that we do toward "the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ."  Ephesians 4:12, 13 (KJV)
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